Some write to remember. Some write to forget. Providentially or deplorably, I subscribe to both creeds.

Hello there!

Well, THE SCARLET LETTERS is the blog of a tertiary Cinephile, a secondary Librocubicularist and, a primary “attempted at” – (Tudor) Historian in the making. Complementary annoying habits include addiction to music and food, scribbling of impossible ideas on paper, as well as a perpetual fascination for sunsets in ruins, old ballads, and black coffee.

The Posts section contains essays – research papers, pictorial and general essays – pertaining to a variety of topics. I love writing on Popular History, Socio – Cultural History and History of Royalty (I am obsessed with tragic royal women!) – However, now and then, some fancy might trigger an “Out of the Blue” post. I have tried to keep the research essays engaging, informative and out of the path of wanton plagiarism – and though there are chances that you might drift off and drool in the middle of a post, I am desperately wishing that you would find them worthwhile. I have included my interpretation of the ‘topics of interest’, and I hope the views would be received ‘lightly’. In no way these are written to cause offence to anybody or anything; and even if they do, I apologize beforehand for the same.

I hope you’ll find this blog interesting. Please feel free to share your views, trigger discussions, and remedy the ‘inconvenient’ (i.e., mistakes, inadequate information, unacknowledged content, quality check, and like) in the content. Suggestions for improvement are most welcome. 

Here’s waiting to hear from you. Enjoy!

With regards, and lots of love,




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